Due date change at 37/36 weeks!?!

My doctor pushed my date back a week and told me that I may even go later. My cervix hasn't dropped at all and he couldn't even check for dilation because he couldn't reach my cervix at all. Neither could the nurse practitioner student. Ended up feeling like a weenie because it hurt so much until I got home and ended up bleeding. Apparently it's normal to bleed a day or two but everything down there is so swelled and sensitive. Haven't even had sex since the beginning of December because it hurt so bad then. Anyone else have anything like this happen? I was supposed to be April 1st but last ultrasound said the 6th and since there hasn't been any progress they changed it to the 6th. He really thinks I'll go past that and was talking about I may need induced no later than a week after the 6th since my cervix isn't even reachable but also not to soon because the higher risk of c section.