Boy A name suggestions?

Marie • #2 due June 16th 2017 <3

Could I get some suggestions please?

As it turns out there's a tradition in my bf's family where ALL first names start with A. But I'm finding I hate a lot of boy A names. Help a momma out?

Too many alex/alexanders/alekanders/aleks in our immediate friend group, including a baby born just last year. Dont like ash/ashton. Bf's top pick is azreal, but fuck if I'm naming my baby that.

If it's important, my first kids name is william. So I don't want anything tooooooo crazy so one or the other won't resent having the weird/normal name.

Thanks guys!

Forgot to add! Bf is andrew and we don't want jr's. Will's sperm donor was anthony, so also a no go.