Which ring should I choose???

Hi ladies! 
So my boyfriend told me to pick out a ring and im torn between these two... what do you guys think??? .... I think i favor the more simple one but my bf's mother (she works in the jewelry store) says the shapely one has more value.... Im so confused... help!! 
In effort to make me change my mind about the second ring, my soon to be MIL showed me a different ring yesterday but then I only fell in love with BOTH! 😫 it looked absolutely amazing having one on each hand. So, because she's getting a damn good deal on the rings because not only does she work at the store, they're alsi closing down next month so they're having a sale... she said she's going to have my bf buy them both 🙈🙈🙈 ...... I know how selfish and greedy that sounds so I've also agreed to meet him half way on the second ring ... here they are!