Heavy implantation

So my cycle was so off this time. I'm usually 38 days and I dropped down to 32. Im usually five days and i considered this time to be six day because we did the do and turned on the light to find the remake of Carey 😂 (it wasn't that much blood) My first day (which was four days early) is usually Heavy and very clotty. And this time it was just spotting the entire day. Second day a bit heavier but still not like normal and no clots. Third day the same as second. Fourth day a little lighter than second and third. Fifth day I only spotted the morning and nothing up until the sixth day in the night time. Now its not normal for me to not have any clots at all. And its definitely not normal for me to Have a cycle such as this. I still have the headaches the back pain. The nausea. The cramping. The tired all the time spell. The pulling feeling in my stomach. And before u say take a test just know I'm all test out. I am tired of wasting money. So what I want to know is has anyone implanted really heavy? And assumed it was AF. And actually gotten a bfp?