New mom jitters

I have a baby coming in May. Our first. I'm not going to lie, everyone telling me how awful parenting is, how awful pregnancy is, how awful my life is going to become.....I'm not exactly looking forward to this anymore. I get so tired of hearing "it will only get worse" and "oh just you wait" or they always complain about how they can't do anything because of their kid, or how their kid has taken over their life. How I won't have my nice things anymore because my kid is going to destroy everything that I own. It's literally sucked the joy right out of this for me. It's drove me back into depression just thinking about becoming a parent. Is there anything actually wonderful about any of it? I know, holding you baby, motherly bond blah blah. I mean seriously? Nobody has had anything nice or encouraging to say to me really. The people that have, don't have kids? Maybe I'm looking for advice in the wrong place here but I'm just at a loss on what to think and where to turn. Anyone else going through, or have gone through this?