first time, natural birth, 14 hours of labor.

Monica • Mommy to a beautiful boy, Aaden Grey 💙
My due date was originally March 9, 2017. The doctor and I had agreed that if I made it to my due date without having my baby that I could go in that night around 9 pm, and plan to be induced to have him March 10, 2017. He still didn't arrive by the 9th so I went In to the hospital to get things started. They put me in a room, set me up on an IV, took down all of my info, and told me they were going to start the induction medication (Pitocin) that night. The nurse checked me & said I was 1 cm dilated. I freaked out a bit, cause I've heard that Pitocin hurts like a biatch since it's medicine GIVING you contractions. But the nurse said they were just going to start me on a low dosage, giving 1 drop an hour. Which is nothing. So at around 11 pm was when they started the induction. All through the night I was fine, of course trying to sleep through the night with a big tummy, being hooked to an IV and who knows what else was a mission, but I got through it lol. My doctor arrived the next morning around 8 am, he examined me and said I was now 3 cm dilated. Since my water did not break, he broke my water and up'd the dosage of the pitocin (the highest dosage of Pitcocin btw is 20). By this point I was probably at a 12. Little by little the nurse would come in and up the dosage without even telling me but I didn't really notice cause I still wasn't feeling any pain with my contractions. Finally i got to the dosage level 15. That's when I FINALLY felt pain. Wasn't horrible pain though, it was definitely bearable. Just like they say, it feels like period cramps. It was about 12:00 pm when I was on the dosage level of 18. Now that is when everything just got miserable. The contractions were coming in what felt like every minute, and they were intense contractions. It hurt so bad! I tried holding off on an epidural for a little. But that didn't last long. I asked for some medication, and they gave me demmoral (not sure if that's the correct spelling) but that would be the worst medication to take when you're in pain. In doesn't help the pain at all, it makes you drowsy. Not even the type of drowsy that you can at least sleep through the pain. So after about 10 minutes, I said screw this and asked for an epidural. The nurse checked me said I was still 3 cm dilated and set everything up to have an epidural given to me but told me I had to wait until a fluid bag emptied to make sure I get all the fluid I can get. I waited what felt like forever. My mom came to me & told me she was going to step out for a minute to get lunch and by this time, I had this feeling that felt like I had to push. So I told her. And she said well you were just checked and you're only 3 cm, let's wait and see. She walked out, and sure enough, not even 5 minutes later, every contraction that came I HAD to push. I yelled at my s/o to get the nurse. The nurse came walking in calmly (remember I was just checked not even 30 minutes ago and I was only 3 cm) and I yelled and told her that I was full blown pushing! So again, calmly, she tells me okay honey let me check you. She goes to stick her fingers in me, and wasn't able to. The baby's head was RIGHT THERE! My mom came running up stairs. I'm screaming cause like I said every contraction made me push. By this point, I was way to far in to get an epidural. Long story, kinda short, I was in labor for 14 hours total. 1 hour of that was hard labor. I pushed about 3 times which took maybe 30 minutes probably less and at 1:06 pm, my little boy arrived.