bunny 🐰!!!

Trinity • Self love ❤️
I know I'm late saying this but my secret SO ( and I mean I guess I have to call him a crush for now) had brought me a bunny for Valentine's Day. It surprised me because we're not together and I knew my boyfriend at the time wasn't going to do anything with me so I was like fuck Valentine's 😭😂 but anyways. I'm going to call the secret crush B cuz I'm to lazy for all that. Again anyway B unexpectedly sent me a picture of it and I was acting slow ( basically I was like your showing me this why?🤦🏽‍♀️) and um my boyfriend at that time didn't give me shit! 😂💀 but gave someone else stuff... ahem I'll jus talk about that another time. Okay back on track to the bunny 🐰 😂 the thing is I couldn't get the bunny, because you know he's a secret and I had to come up with this creative plan to get it. But it died...yep like jus died bfo I could even touch, smell, lick, annoy tf out of it. I was so hurt about it that I cried a little, but now I'm determined to get one for sure 😂😂.