Honest opinions welcomed

I only have ever been in one serious relationship of seven years, and it was a very bad one from when I was about 14 till 20, it was one where I was getting abused physically not too crazy but still and getting cheated on constantly but boy was I dangerously in love I grew up with the guy and didn't ever want to leave his side the first years were perfect and we had a daughter . and shortly after things went downhill as he felt the need to escape his responsibilities and I guess felt unattracted to me when I was pregnant and he was always hiding his phone and was always flirting around me and lying about drugs and places he was anyway when I finally decided to kick him out he left so easily and would beg to come back but I never took him back , I learned the other three previous times that he was never going to change or love me like I deserved .I remained single and dated and had the most fun ever and Now I'm in another relationship .(10 months officially and we were talking for months before without any sex. So i felt like whoo hes the one) I just am so frightened now though I feel its perfect or so I did until certain fights. one of my close friends feels it unhealthy because i am not allowed to work. Or go out . He had me give away my car which I didn't mind because he had bought me one that wouldn't give me all the problems mine was giving me and were talking about marriage but nowwwwww he feels really in control of me and I dont even feel as if its mine . Anyway we live together and obviously my daughter has grown attached to him since her dad completely is out of the picture. I'm a beautiful woman and he was just telling me this today and then because I didnt know where to go eat he flipped and called me stupid bitch and that he loves being away from me because i am so childish and can't decide what to eat and i said steak and he was like wow what a dumb bitch thats the answer you give me . he said that really narrowed it down and i was like well you know the area i don't i would be happy eating anything and he completely flips on me and says how unhappy he is and any time we have a disagreement it goes down like this . I usually keep quiet(since i learned from my previous relationship its better to just not speak out of sadness or anger ) and that makes him even more mad but if i talk he insults me even more and makes fun of whatever comes out my mouth like mocks me . i dont know i know thats bad. But he has never cheated on me . he never locks his phone he has never hit me. And he is super loving to my daughter but i don't know i dont want to break my little girls heart again. I have never had any loving family member thats a male so i dont know . What do I compare this too. He throws my things too and I have never touched his . (im 23 now, I have nowhere to go and Im hispanic if that matters, is this just a normal fight?? Am i over reacting am i just so sensitive )