Rant/What should I do?

Sorry, but I'm about to rant. 
My boyfriend of almost 2 years has been pretty great. Helped me through some hard times and stuff. We've always been a physical couple, but took it slow. As things picked up, it went farther than I wanted it to. I didn't want to have sex, but he really really did, so I got condoms just so we could be safe. He won't talk to me while we're around people. We will only talk if we're alone. (Which I absolutely hate and have talked to him about it.) All he pretty much wants to do now is to fuck. I'm going through a major depressive time and have been to in-patient hospital recently. I asked him if he cared anymore, he said and I quote, "Yeahh  but if your problems take up my entire life  no"
And just today on snapchat some girl got his phone and was taking pictures of him with ❤🔥😍😘 emojis. And he didn't do anything whatsoever about it. He has been more and more of an ass to me recently. So...What should I do???
I broke up with him today. And wow it feels good to get out of the relationship!