anyone want to solve a word scramble?

Ok so not a hard hitting debate topic persay but I could use your help! For my husbands birthday I'm having my husband hunt for glow in the dark Easter eggs and in each one there is a letter and he will have to spell it out to figure out what's in the golden egg that I will have on the table. Im concerned he won't be able to figure it out tho so I wanted to test it out on here so I can know if I need to come up with a few clever hints. Your help with figuring out this word scramble helps me a ton so thank you so much in advance! Winner gets a Internet cookie 🍪😜
*its two words 
*not Easter themed 
*and I'm thinking the one hint I'll have to give is that it's a first and last name. 
*that lower case g is a mess up, means nothing to the name lol sorry!