My Niece 2.

So last night I posted about my niece about how my brother gets mad if I don't let her stay. And how I wanted to have alone time with my husband. How my niece has no respect and she's over all the time. Well I followed y'all advice on how to handle the situation. My niece was wanting to come over tonight. And my husband told her yes, but I didn't know. My husband told me he said maybe. So when my brother asked, I said not tonight because we have plans. We really do have plans. And my brother flipped his shit and I explained that I didn't know but I seriously just want time to myself and my husband because my niece has stayed for the past 3 weekends. And now my brother is mad at me and I feel like shit. My brother has a partying issue so this is the reason why my niece comes over a lot. Idk what to do. I've apologized, and explained why I don't want my niece over because I want time alone with my husband and myself. But now he won't talk to me. Any advice? Cause I feel like shit now.