i just need to rant and have no one to talk to

i'm so tired of my husbands family. i know, so cliche. but honestly his mom is so damn sensitive and such a spoiled brat. i've been making it work obviously cuz i'm married to her son and now we have a baby. but today i think i decided i'm no longer going to try and be friends with her. since she found out we were having a baby she has been so controlling, so whiny, and such a pain in the ass. she throws a fit every time we don't make the road trip to see her or when my family comes to see us. she takes every single thing i say so horribly horribly wrong. today she is visiting and my husband decided to grab my polaroid camera to take a picture of her holding the baby. literally the only thing i said was that i didn't want him to use it because it's almost out of film and we won't be able to afford any for a while. but i let him take it anyways. well she made a huge deal in front of everyone and was crying because i "didn't want her in any pictures with the baby". WTF. it literally had nothing to do with her, i was just saving the last few pictures i have for easter! and my darling husband, in stead of explaining that and defending me chewed me out for being mean to her. i wasn't even talking to her for one, and for two, i let him go ahead and take the picture because he still wanted to. i know that seems so small (cuz it is) but i'm tired of being chewed out because his family doesn't like me and is always looking for new ways to paint me as some kind of rude bitch when all i've ever done is try so fucking hard to be as friendly as possible (very shy person, i literally don't talk to anyone because i'm so nervous) so if it's always going to be my fault anyways i'm not even going to bother trying anymore. i really don't care. sorry for the long unnecessary post i just don't have anyone to talk to and i'm alone in my room crying because i'm so angry and embarrassed