Aggh!! This kid need to get out

Everyone keeps telling me to have sex.. how am i meant to have sex if my partner is 1.5 hours away from where i am staying!?

Ive tried expressing my colostrum for an hour 5 mins each breast daily and nothing... ive tried dancing like a belly dancer and bouncing on the yoga ball... ive tried playing with my cervix.. ive done cummin tea šŸ˜· a few times..i insert 5 evening prime rose oils every second night... ive tried jumping etc... im 2cm no mucus plug and have no cervical length length left.. this kiddo tried coming at 33 weeks and now im full term he doesn't want to get out?! Aggh can tell he takes after his daddy already šŸ¤”šŸ˜‰

Im just a ball of emotional mess, i cry myself to sleep every night and i dont even know why im crying like wtf is wrong with me??

My pubic bone hurts, i pee every 5 minutes and the pressure of bub sitting on my cervix while i go toilet kills me with pain.... i even pee'd myself (through my pants) in public the other day because my child felt the need to jump all over my bladder like a trampoline (no i dont need to do kegals)

Please someone give me recommendations on inducing labor that worked for you?

i really dont want to go over due again i want this time to be natural..