Looking for some advice.

Hi I have never posted on here so this is my first time! So here I go. I am looking for some advice on what to do. On Tuesday I got a positive pregnancy test. While I was at work on Thursday I noticed that I was spotting very little while wiping. It was very light pink. It stayed the same on Friday and then Friday night it was more bright red and the amount has increased a little. I started wearing a pad because I was fearing the worst. I still only had any blood while wiping. I have been wearing a pad for 2 days and have had nothing on it, it's only been with wiping. Today my spotting has ranged from brown to pink to clear snotty stuff with pink and red strings in it. I was wondering if anyone else had expericed this and went on to have a normal pregnancy or if this could be the start of a misscarge? I am only 4 weeks( I know super early) and have had some very light intermittent cramps. Thank you ladies for you advice!!!