Cousin turned my brother against me

I moved across the country for college and lived with my aunt, uncles and cousins during that time. I was super close with my cousins, especially my older girl cousin. Gradually she started to get really possessive, told me she would choose my friends for me, never let me talk to people at school and eventually stopped allowing me to leave the house. When I met my now husband she flipped and forbid me from seeing him. When I went behind her back and hung out with him anyway she told me she was "done with me". Eventually I moved out and got married and she kept trying to convince me to leave my husband and move back in with her. (Just to be clear she has no reason to hate him she's just jealous). My husband and I now have kids and are very happy. Once I moved out my girl cousin started calling my brothers and making up stories about me (all completely false) and telling them that I never talk to her anymore which isn't true! She's done it so much that they barely talk to me anymore. My brother came into town three days ago for the first time in three years (I haven't seen him since he was last here and he's never met my kids). When I asked if I could see him he said he doesn't think my girl cousin, let's call her Jess, would allow it and since he doesn't have a car here he's kind of stuck. I text Jess and asked if I could see him and she said she doesn't know if she can fit it into her schedule but will text me if they "have an opening". Like what?? That's my fucking brother and she's acting like he's hers!!!! Today she has been texting me asking how my weekend was I said it was fine can I see my brother today and she said no, then when I got mad and told her to stop leaving me out she told me I'm always trying to start a fight? Like fucking seriously? I'm so hurt and can't stop crying. I feel like an outcast in my own family for doing absolutely nothing wrong! What would you do? I can't go to her house because they're not there. She keeps posting all these pictures and stuff on fb and Instagram of all the fun stuff they're doing and even deleted me off of snapchat? I'm just done. I'm sad my kids can't meet their uncle but I guess I won't beg someone to see me who clearly doesn't want to.