Am I crazy?

Okay so my boyfriend constantly goes through every app on my phone, my texts, my calls. If he even sees a guy or the mention of a guy in my texts, he flips his shit and demands answers. (My best friend and I were hanging out in the lounge near my dorm with the guy she liked, studying for our classes the next day and she texted me "he's so cute. Ah just love me already" I said "lol" and he went off the deep end about "this random guy you're hanging out with". There's more of him doing stuff like this, but this is just an example.) He questions me constantly "what are you doing, who are you with, where are you, who is this, how do you know him" etc. He also gets pissed if I don't tell him EVERYWHERE I go on campus. Even if it's downstairs from my room and I don't tell him I'm out of my room, he will freak out. I told him he needed to back it up a little bit. I tell him everything but I'm sick of being interrogated like I've done something wrong. I finally asked him if he trusted me or not. He said he did but I don't believe that with how he acts. I got pissed and he said "I love you.." and I answered "how can there be love without trust?" Now he's throwing a fit and posting all of these "no one loves me. I'm a piece of shit" pictures online. Am I crazy for getting tired of him always being in my business? I feel guilty, but I'm still angry..