NEVER using sticks from Amazon EVER again!!

I'm so done with using those sticks that are on Amazon. Bought the easy@home box with the 50 ovulation tests and 20 hcg tests. Only 20 bucks and I figured it would last me a bit... even if I became a poasaholic it's only 20 bucks for that box which is less than I would spend at the store buying those nice digital ovulation and the larger pregnancy tests that are easier to read. I've had 3 faint positive tests that weren't even positive. Walmart test confirmed I am not pregnant! Idk if I got a messed up batch. The ovulation sticks seem to be okay, but I had 2 messed up tests as well. Next month ... if I get my AF which I hope I don't because I just started trying to conceive and I'm 2 weeks in but it has been nothing but stressful for me with these tests. Thanks ladies for trying to help me save money, but it's stressing me out lol