we dont go out ๐Ÿ˜ž

I dont think im being over dramatic but throughout our relationship I cant remember one time my fiancรฉ has taken me somewhere nice. I like to dress up but he doesn't. Every now and then i go out with my friends but i domt want compliments from other guys I would like dress and go out with him but we don't because he doesn't like too. I tried to compromise and ask if we could atleast do it once a month he said find hell take me somewhere nice but hes still going and his sweat pants, I would never cheat but i find a nice dressed man attractive i find him very attractive when he dresses up. My granpa passed away and he was suppose to help carry him but grandma had to ask a stranger because he didn't own anything nice. I domt get why hes like this if i wear something he doesn't like hell say its ugly but if i try to do the same he wont care