My ex wants to be back.


Last year, my senior year of high school, I had a relationship with a boy. I guess you can say we were friends with benefits but without the sex. What I mean is that we both had feelings for each other and texted the whole time. But this boy never had the balls to really ask me out or tell me that he was really into me. Also I never dated anyone before or had a relationship like that.

So this relationship was very toxic. We had a ton of arguments and last summer was the end of it. I got super depressed and I was still stupid to like him back.

Then I come to college. He is now in a different state but our families actually go to the same church so there's a chance I might see him over the summer when we are both back in our home town.

Anyways, college did me good. I grew as a person and my self esteem increased. But like I said I still had feelings for him so after a couple months later I called him. We talked about the misconceptions that we had and stayed as friends. I asked him directly if we were going to try this for real and he said he wasn't ready for a relationship.

Couple weeks later pass by and I meet this wonderful man who turned my world upside down. He became my first real boyfriend and even though it's long distance and see each other once a month, I wouldn't want anyone else.

My ex then finally admits that he loved me but by that time it was too late. So i stopped all communication with him. On Christmas my "ex" wanted to see me. But that's another story. I eneded up not meeting goes with him and have not talked to him since then.

So recently he has been trying to follow me on twitter. It really annoys me bc I am not finally I a healthy relationship with a man that I love the most.

What can I do to stop my "ex" from trying to contact me? Maybe I should block him.