It took us one year to get pregnant , I had already given up hope

It took us one year to get pregnant , I had already given up hope. Everybody was having their babies and my son is about to be Six next month and I was just giving up. I have been so stressed out and I didn't know what was happening,my period was to start 4/9/17 and last night I decided to take a test (top) and showed my husband who is still in shock and he asked me to take another one (middle) to be sure. We laid down just quietly but so happy I was pretty much crying,he just kept saying "our DNA is gonna mix,I wonder how they'll look,how is their personality gonna be,what will be their sign' etc and We just can't be any more excited than we are!!!!!!! This morning I took another one (bottom) and the lines were darker and again excited lol I went to the Doctor because I've been having trouble breathing and well all they did was confirm that I am pregnant and they couldn't do anything for me at this time. Even though I'm having trouble breathing and I'm really tired and so many emotions going on,I am happy. We are happy. My son has been telling us he wants a brother/sister and I can't wait until we tell him!!!! I just hope this pregnancy goes smooth .