Do you feel people answer your questions?

I downloaded this app to get support and my questions answered from other mums and mums to be in the same situation as me. I'm now 37+2 days pregnant and a FTM. I don't want to be on the phone to the midwifes all the time just for them to answer a question for me when someone else could answer it for me. I can ask my mum lots of questions but sometimes she doesn't know the answer. She had me 20 years ago and my sister 16 years ago so things are very different now than they were back then.
This app was made for people to ask questions and ask for advice and support but all I ever see is people not answering mine and other people's questions or shaming other women and it's not far on the people who are asking genuine questions. People keep telling other people to educate themselves but yet when they ask a question, it doesn't get answered or they get hate for their situation. It's not fair and it makes me feel so so upset. So my question to you is do your questions get answered or just looked at and ignored? 

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