Lesbian sex stories?

I was having a sleepover with my girlfriend before I came out to my parents and when we were about to go to sleep she grabbed me around the waist pulled me close to her and said "Are you ready?" And started grinding on me. As she pulled her shirt off I started pulling down my pants but she grabbed my arms and said "that's my job" she grabbed my undies and pants and pulled them down off me. She started eating me out and I cummed so much. As she licked me clean I sat up and bent over her and started licking and biting my way down her back and all the way to her vagina. She had a orgasm and moaned so loud my mom came downstairs and knocked on my door we put the blanket over us and said come in. She asked what we were doing and in unison we replied watching tv. She went away and we started again. Later we took a shower/bath together and made out as she fingered me.