was I wrong for doing this?

I get to spend all day with my daughter and I leave to work in the evening. I don't get back till late at night. My fiancé works all day comes home before I have to leave and takes care of out daughter. The house is clean and there's food for all of them to eat. I come home to find dishes that my fiancé doenst want to wash ever. The house is a mess, beer bottles and baby bottles and clothes everywhere. Who cleans it? I do. If I leave it there, they will only pile up. Today I had enough of it. This past weekend both days after getting home I came to clean the house and watch my lazy fiancé on the couch watching TV with his daughter. I washed all their dishes and he didn't even offer to help. Anyway, today I texted him told him I wasn't cooking so he could either get something to eat for him and the kids on his way or get something to cook but to him. He called me and asked if I was mad and I said no. I wasn't mad, there's just nothing to cook. I was actually mad that I was cleaning and still taking care of our 4 month old and still have to get ready for work. I told him I felt overwhelmed because the house is always a mess and he said well just leave it like that, when we get home we'll clean but he sounded kind of bothered. Usually I say it's ok I'll do it and that I'm just having one of those days but today I told him "ok, I'm actually leaving you a note with chores that you can give the kids today" IVE NEVER DONE THAT. He sounded surprised and said ok. I also told him he can teach both the kids (16 & 14) how use the washing machine to wash their clothes. The 16 year old doenst even know how to turn on the stove. Did I overreact? I just feel like I do everything for them and they take advantage of it.