What would you personally do? (Trigger warning)


[Based on real story]

Let's say you make a friend over Facebook that is a 16 year old girl with similar interests. You met via a group that involves that interest. You're a legal adult and the friendship blossoms into you both meeting up once in a while and hanging out (you live within 60 miles of each other).

After about a year of this, one day while you're hanging out and catching up your friend starts crying. She sits in her car with you and confesses she is pregnant and her own father is also the father of her child. You know she lives with her grandmother, but her dad gets visitation every week. The abuse has been going on since she was 14 and she hasn't gotten pregnant until now. She's 17 and doesn't know what to do. She is still hiding the abuse from her grandmother. She makes you promise to keep it a secret.

Poll☞Would you keep it a secret or tell someone?

***Rest of the story if you're interested:

The friend broke the secret and tried to tell the girls grandmother, who wouldn't hear it and said it was all a lie for attention. The girl's abuse supposedly continued because the friend had no proof it happened and the girl denied it.

The girl had the baby and found a live-in job 900 miles away under her grandma's and dad's nose and took her child with her (then about 5). The child later was put on life support before being taken off it by his mother.

Opon investigation, the girl turned out to be a pathological liar. She had been poising her son with salt from infancy... It just so happened the hospital bed her son was in had a camera on it. His mother picked him up, took him into the bathroom in the room with a feeding tube, and gave him enough sodium to kill him. She put him back in the bed while he had his last seizure and she pressed the call button.

She had multiple profiles online with various versions of her name with different false information about her, like charity work and injuries. It is believed her son took so much attention away from her that he became a problem and once he was gone it was just another way to pull sympathy from others online.

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