Technology and infant? Am i doing something wrong?

JA`s Mommy👶💙
My baby is 9 months and when I was pregnant I would put lalabyes on my phone so that way he would kick in my stomach. When he was a newborn the only way he would fall asleep was with one specific song on YouTube. Now he is 9 months old and LOVES to hear/watch YouTube videos like the ABCs, BINGO, Five little monkeys etc.... Every time he sees my phone he starts to crying for it because he wants me to put on songs. And every time I turn it off he starts to cry. This includes the TV.....Now I'm worried if I'm doing this all wrong? I see so many parents that have their children stuck on their tablets. I have a nephew who is like this. He is always on the phone playing games and hardly talks to us. I dont want my baby like this. What do I do? Please no rude comments. Im here for advice. Thank you!