How would this make you feel?

My boyfriend of 4 years won't allow me to use his phone or tablet, regardless of the situation. He gives excuses like "i don't want the battery to die" while he was watching chromecast on it and i just wanted to change the show AND the charging cord was sitting in the chair next to it. He also says that its becuase, "its mine", "facebook is logged in" etc. This has been going on for quite a while. He on the other hand, is allowed to use my phone, tablet and computer anytime he wants, most of the time without asking and with email and facebbok always signed on becuase i can't remember passwords well enough to log out. He has used my things to look at porn and then lie about it. And he tells me that he doesn't trust me enough to allow me to use his things becuase im obviously spying on him, with no evidence of me ever doing that and no past history of spying on him.