Sorry I just do not have anyone to talk to. I'm currently 4 weeks pregnant. I've been going through a range of emotions, happiness, sadness, apprehension, stress. Me and the father decided to keep the baby I became excited until yesterday where I was basically handed a two week notice. 
I told my sister before I was let go and she said I need to have an abortion that the child will ruin my life and my men ain't shit and my partner won't marry me (I'm 25 by the way). She also decided to tell me I'll be kicked out of my parents house and they'll have nothing to do with me,  baring in mind she was 25 when she had her son and they really love him. 
The father will be there for me no matter what he's just waiting on my decision. I do not know what to do. I just don't want an abortion but I don't know if financially everything will get better. Has anyone been through this? Please help (adoption is not an option). I feel so alone and its worse because I can't ask my prent a for their opinion.
Thanks in advance