really sick of this shit

Getting REAL tired of my husband being a ducking asshole in the mornings. He knows I don't have as high a sex drive as he does so he was all excited and surprised when I startedsex yesterday morning. This morning I woke up with a stomach ache so went to the bathroom and took a little while (we've been together for three years, he knows I have stomach issues) so he comes in the bathroom and sees me dressed for work and makes some comment about how I'm ignoring him and he sees now he's not getting any ass this morning. I told him my stomach was hurting so I was going to the bathroom. I go back into the room and offer sex, no answer (and yes he was awake) so I say fuck it and get our son ready to go to the baby sitter. He texts me while in on the way to work 'whenever I wanna do something, you always hurt some place or another' I explain to him I got dressed and went to the bathroom cause my stomach hurt and cause it was freezing in the house. And because I thought I would be short on time because I didn't pack our sons bag the night before. I say when we get home I'll put our son down for a nap and do whatever he wants. Ha answer 'Nah I'll pass. I'm pretty sure my stomach will be hurting.'
You fucking asshole. You KNOW I have stomach issues. You know it tends to happen in the mornings. This has nothing to do with you and you god damn dick. Get over yourself.