Nesting At 31 weeks

Has anyone else literally cleaned the whole house, from top to bottom just to make sure you're prepared for when baby arrives? I've had no motivation in most of my pregnancy to do anything. All I used to do was sleep & now at 31 weeks, I've done all the laundry I can do, bought sets of extra hangers & hung every little thing up, folded every pair of pants/sweats, constantly doing the dishes, set up her nursery & organized all of our dresser drawers. Does this mean I'm close to having her or it's just normal to nest around this time? 😂 I feel like I have OCD now bc I won't even let my bf bring his cups downstairs or leave his dirty socks on the floor lol everything has to be perfect now 🤷🏻‍♀️ who else is a nesting momma atm?