Do i have a right to be mad!?

I told my bf clean a little before his uncle comes to drop off the kids that we are fixing to babysit. This is what he says "oh its OK it looks clean". First of all no it doesn't look clean its fucking dirty. I would clean but I was fixing to make tacos before they come and all he's doing is playing a game. When i start cleaning all he's doing is playing the game and acting like nothing is wrong. I'm fucking tired of being the fucking house slave cleaning, cooking and doing everything around here. I'm not the only one in the house he's here and our roommate (his friend). When I tell him I'm tired of doing everything he apologizes then it goes back to the same ol shit. Then when I get mad he says you don't got to cook I'm not hungry. When I know he is, he just doesn't want to hear shit. Do I have a right to be mad?