Relationship Advice Please!!

I just needed a ton of advice. And this post is going to be long I am sorry. Haha lol. But just please hear me out.
My boyfriend and I been together for a year for 1 yr and almost 9 months, however, i didn't know if I should even stay with him or not. All my friends and family say leave him
Say he is disrespectful but that is done with and now they like him. BUT ALL my young cousins and friends say, i deserve better and that our relationship is unhealthy. We had couples counseling and our first one so we aren't that far in the counseling yet, and yes it may help but the problems we had was we always fight and sooooo bad!! We also always get mad at each other a lot and just dont have a healthy relationship. I don't trust him and he used to keep my trust but doesnt seem like he is trying anymore and is getting defensive now. Our relationship is also on and off again a lot!! I also feel him being a heartless asshole sometimes! I feel like he is also a lazy prick and that he doesnt take initiative to do things or make things better at all! I kinda see it too. But...
Anyways, I didn't
Know if I should break up with him or not? Like do I deserve better? Should I still keep going to couples counseling?? 
Another note is that I know if it was a healthy good relationship we wouldn't need couples counseling and that we aren't married and don't need to save the relationship, but I that is what you when you love Someone, But the couples counseling but a mutual agreement and we thought it might help solve our relationship problems.
    but I do love him
So much that I don't want to leave and I do bc i can't take it anymore. But then i end up missing himm and crying and grieving and Need him again when he physically sees me to try to get me back bc sometimes i get hurt by our relationship and how it is and how we hurt each other. 
So idk should I work it out? And if i do would it be worth it u think? Would I be in too deep? I can't even go one day without this guy as of recently and neither can he... we are that attached but Is there any other ways to work it out? Should I just move on and find better or..? 
idk the pros=cons tbh. What do you suggest to do?? I have fam and friends to lean on if I break it off for good, but ... idk! 
Please help! I know it is my choice, but I need one solid answer here because this is a serious crisis.