Old wives tales on gender.

This is my second pregnancy and my mom is convinced because of old wives tales that I'm having a girl. When I was pregnant with my son I never had any symptoms! No morning sickness, not a blemish in sight, I felt amazing and was never tired. Now at a little over 10 weeks I'm still horribly nauseous 24/7 and I have more ache than a pubescent boy :/

Also I've been experiencing the worst heartburn and food adversion/ craving nothing but sweets and don't get me started on the power of super smell during pregnancy. Things I've never smelled before like my dogs dry food, now I can't even be in the same room as his bowl!

I'm starting to think maybe my mom is right and this one is a girl! What are your thoughts?

Obviously I'll be super super excited either way, hoping for a happy healthy baby, just curious what others experienced.

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