What is happening?!

For about the last 3 weeks my son has been waking up at least every 3 hours at night. šŸ˜“ Prior to this he had just been moved to his crib in his own room. The first week he was waking up to eat a couple times. 2 nights in a row he woke up only once and then abruptly we have now started this. He was sick, but has been better for a little over a week.

I'm not a sleep trainer or CIO person, so this may just be more of a venting post. He is BF'd so i thought maybe he was trying to up my supply, growth spurt, etc. But it's gone on awhile now. Nothing different with bedtime routine or when he goes to bed. Theres been days with less daytime sleep and more, but the nights seems to go the same.

Anyone else's waking up a lot more?