I dont know what to do anymore, im about to just give up. Please help

So my boyfriend moved in with me & 78 year old granddad (who was NOT happy about it) a little over 6 months ago. Me & my boyfriend have been together for a year btw. He got thrown out on the street as soon as he turned 18 & so it was either take him in or let him sleep on the streets. So of course I made my granddad let him stay at our house. This caused problems between me & my grandfather even more than we already had. I do everything I can for my boyfriend Eric & I've done just about everything a person can do for someone & went through hell to do it all. We (me & grandfather) got him 2 cars. He flipped the first one 8 times in a row because he was high & speeding​. Then we bought him the Kia he drives now & he drives it like crazy, plays the music too loud, & constantly slaps my hand when I try to turn the music down or try to tell him to drive safer he yells at me. Oh & btw he smashed in the front of the Kia the FIRST day he got it. But because I'm a female & I'm in college & he has a job which he just got btw after being fired from 2 other ones & me being there to support him & defend against my grandfather. I do EVERYTHING a person can possibly do & still has NO respect for me. I tried talking to him about it but all he does is get mad & defensive & turn it into an argument. I have no idea what to do. But I know this kind of relationship cannot continue. I can't take it anymore. Please don't give me no feminist bullshit either lol. Put yourself in his position too. I need real 100% answers please.