Baby making troubles????

My and my fiance of 3 and a half years decided we were ready to try for a baby. So I stopped taking my pill at the end of my November pack. We didn't make it an effort to start trying right away because I wanted to track my periods for a couple of months to time ovulation, however we still had sex normally. So when my period for December didn't come I got super excited! Tested, and it was negative. Period skipped January. Tested, was negative. February came and AF finally decided to visit. It was normal. But then March came, no period. Tested and was negative. Now April and still no signs of AF. I went to see the doctor in Febuary before my period came, and they said its probably the birth control leaving my body, and my bodys hormones trying to regulate themselves. However, would that take this long? They said if I have no period for a consecutive for 6 months to come back. So I guess my question is, can I still get pregnant if I don't have a regular period? Really starting to lose hope.