Anaiyah Lee Piper 04/13/17 💔👣💔👣💔👣

04/11 me and my fiance felt my babygirl for the first time. Kicks and kicks just going crazy. I started to cry and he had a smile from one ear to another. 04/12 my doctor's appointment, I was 24 weeks and 6 days. And that's when both our life's had changed. We going in everything is fine until the nurse comes in. She couldn't find a heartbeat not thinking anything of it because it was her first day on the office she was a med student and from previous ultrasounds my babygirl is a mover. My doctor comes in and she tries to find it and still no heartbeat. I start to get worried. They bring in a portable ultrasound and can't see anything so they give me an emergency ultrasound and that's when they tell us. My babygirl had no heartbeat and there was no movement. She stopped growing around 22 weeks. My heart is broken not knowing what to do or what to say I just breaking down crying just yelling "this is my rainbow baby, she is supposed to stay she was supposed to stay!" Me and my fiance just heart broken and just wondering what we felt the previous day and what is going to happen next. That's when the doctor speaks to us and says "I'm terribly sorry" and starts to explain what's going on. We basically felt "phantom kicks" and I just started to break down more. (sorry if this story is so long. I just need to vent). 04/13 is the day I had to be induced to deliver my baby girl. They gave me medication up my stuff to open up my cervix. The pain was horrible dealing with everything hitting me at once. It was scary. Around 8pm o was having really bad pain. I couldn't handle it. I asked to go pee and my fiance and father were in the room and that's when it happened. My baby comes out of me while I am on the toilet. I was afraid that I had hurt her I couldn't move. Everyone frantically runs backs in and get the nurse. To find out she was in her sack still and everything came out at once. You guys when I tell you that she was beautiful. She was just the most beautiful thing I ever saw. Only weighing 8 ounces and only 8 inches long she was so lovely and looked so peaceful. It's been the longest three days I have ever experienced. I have had migraines and no sleep and barely anything to eat. But I know that I'm going to make it through this right? Like things will get better? Or will I just become this person with no emotion? (Sorry again of this is so long i just need to vent and get something's of my chest.)