Is my mom right, should i be upset with my boyfriend for this?

So my birthday was March 26th, and my boyfriend had told me he ordered my gift on the 28th (we're 2 hrs long distance). A week ago it still hadn't came so he checked up on it and turns out he didn't place the order.. I said no problem and he told me he would place it but it's now April 16th and he still hasn't placed the order or really even mentioned it... I brought it up subtly a few days ago and he just told me work has been making him tired. It's really not about he gift and I don't want to sound ungrateful or spoiled but I always get his gifts to him on time :/ My mom already doesn't really like him and she's pretty upset with him over this and I don't know if I should be too? She told me that if he cared enough the order would've been in the minute he realized he hadn't placed it. What do I even do?

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