my boyfriend lost his job/me working 2 jobs

I'm not complaining about taking it on. In fact, I'm embracing it since he lost his job due to me almost losing our son while pregnant and had he missed 2 days (unplanned PTO, still a write up because he's a supervisor and it just so happened a sexual harassment case was brought against one of the agents he supervised and my boyfriend wasn't at work to handle it promptly) The company covered their ass but screwed us. Anyway, I make $17 an hour at my full time job where my benefits are. I picked up a second job making $10 an hour 20 hours a week. It's still not enough considering he made $24 an hour. I was going back to college this fall but that won't happen now. We don't qualify for any assistance and are waiting to hear back from unemployment. I feel like a failure as a mother I don't have a career and I'll be 26 in a few months. Just need some words of encouragement right now. We are reorganizing our lives to eliminate unnecessary expenses (cable, cell phone payment plans through Verizon, etc.) but daycare alone kills me. And I can't take them out of the center we have established a relationship with because we will lose our placement and be out of childcare once we finds a new job. I don't trust just anyone with my babies you know? Ugh. 😔 I'm sorry I needed to vent because it's hard. Especially since my credit took a hit because I was out of work half of my pregnancy and on hospital bed rest.