So my boyfriend hates going places in fear of being judged basically. He is black and Puerto Rican and he won't even go out To eat with me 🙄 we been together 4 years and only go to fast food places the whole time 😭 I just want to go everywhere with him like restuarants and fun places but he won't! I understand racism can be harsh and we've experienced It but I always have stuck up for him, told off whoever I needed to and will continue to do just that. I have zero tolerance for racism and he knows this. I will always protect him. But I just want us to have a nice dinner and go on a nice date ☹️☹️☹️ sorry just need to vent. I won't force him however because I know how uncomfortable it is to be in a setting that makes you feel out of place. But I wish he understood that with me he has no worries. I'll protect him and us always.