How did you feel before labor?


I will be 34 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I have been admitted into the hospital twice since 30 +5 weeks for PTL. I have been on bedrest since then. I had a doctor's appt on Tuesday to recheck my cervix. On Tuesday I was still 2 cm dilated and 70% effaced. I've been on Magnesium Sulfate twice, gotten the 2 steroid shots, and have been on 10 mg of procardia every 6 hrs since I've been out of the hospital, so a week.

All of that being said, the procardia seems to have been working. My contractions only pick up when I'm due for my next dose, and then they go away. I sometimes still get Braxton Hicks.

Today, I feel super "off," almost like a getting sick feeling. I'm crazy tired and don't feel much like eating. My hips have also been super achy today. Earlier I went to the bathroom and although my son has been low and head down for a while (my doctor could feel his head each time she's checked me), he feels even lower! My whole pelvis just feels like a ton of pressure and I'm moderately crampy....Not terrible and no contractions, but I'm just feeling weird. And I can feel my son like in my butt.

Did you have a weird feeling before you went into labor? When could you feel that your baby was super low?