Idk, stuck... do get rid of my male friends because he said so, over a text message??? So for someone who claims they don't hve insecurities, I feel like he does. So I gave him my phone, I didn't have anything to hide, I feel like he does, his ex-fiance is in every conversation we have, he brings her up more than once day, I don't say anything, I'll walk away or ignore it...anyways he has my phone and asked why I text this guy back at 1 something in the morning....I get up at 430am and work from 6am to 5pm, so by 9pm I'm toasted, knocked out sleep, some nights I'll sleep other nights I'll wake up, can't go back o sleep or I'll wake up out of a sleep to go to the bathroom, in the process, I check my phone and reply to messages, so my guy friend messaged me and I fell asleep earlier, I didn't respond until I woke up wasn't anything bad or sensual, so I have no clue why he snapped off...I honestly didn't care, he told me I shouldn't be talking to him about the same thing we talk about like work or school or how was their holiday, basically checking in on each other making sure we're okay, do I get rid of my male friends, we talk it doesn't go further than that, I haven't shut off communication with them, am I in the wrong according to my boyfriend or is he being irrational????

*it happened back in november, now he throws it in my face all the time when, I'm ready to go to bed at night, it's irritating, but I better not say anything about an ex or his crazy ass stories when he was with other women

*I've tried to do the intro, but he said no, I don't have a history with any of my male friends