I feel really silly about worrying about stuff but can't help but feel anxious.

So I'm posting on here to get this off my chest as it's driving me nuts. I'm 16 weeks pregnant with my first and this will my partners 2nd. I feel like my partner is being really distant and not very compassionate with the pregnancy. He hasn't once put his hands on my growing bump, Im now feeling the baby move but he doesn't want to feel the movement ☹️. Whenever we talk about our baby he brings up his son, I know it's understandable as his son is his first born but I feel like he's less interested in this baby. I love his son to bits and I would never treat him differently to my own . His son lives quite far so we don't see him as much as we would like but he still keeps in daily touch by FaceTime him. I feel that his distance won't stop after the baby is born and that he will favour his son. He a great father to his son and I love that he is but it's not just about his son anymore. Am I  over reacting or is it normal to feel this way? 😩