doctor added fees?!?

Anna • First time mommy. Due Jan 12, 2019. Sex of baby: unknown.
I absolutely love my OB/GYN. She's been the best of everything, always responding to my questions and giving me more information then I had asked for, very knowledgeable and sweet, and I'm just very very comfortable with her. Now that I'm pregnant we came in for appointment for an ultrasound and at the end of it she said she wanted to talk to me about her pregnancy service plans. She pretty much explained to me that she's got three types of services offered. The first one is the typical service that your insurance will cover, which is great. The second one is her concierge service that starts off at $6000 for her to be guaranteed at delivery. The third one is $9000 that guarantees are at delivery and also gives you priority and scheduling any appointments and as many ultrasounds as I want and pictures on a thumb drive. I'm not understanding why she has a concierge service that starts off at 6000 and $9000... and that's IF we pay as a lump sum. It's more if we do installments! I hate that I might not be able to have her but I definitely don't want to be paying all that money just to have her there. Has anybody else experienced this?
My friends and my husbands coworkers think I should change my doctor...