Y'all - got my BFP!!!

I think it's finally safe to say that I'm pregnant!!!! Took the first test on Friday - vfl, and just took the bottom one - much darker line!! Little background: 30 y/o married my 33 y/o hubby in Oct 2016 and have been actively TTC #1 since Dec 2016. No meds, just OPKs, BBT charting, and lots of BD'ing during our fertile window. This cycle, I tried the "pineapple thing" from 1dpo-5dpo so who knows if that did the trick!
No real symptoms other than really tired, skin breaking out, swollen/sore boobs and puffy nipples (so weird), and realllly bad heartburn on 9dpo (which prompted me to take the first test).
Haven't told my hubby yet! He is going to Singapore tomorrow, and meeting me in Melbourne on Thursday. I plan on surprising him with the news when we are in Melbourne 😊