Goodbye and hello fun ;)

My boyfriend and I are in our mid teens and have been seeing each other for about 8 months now.

I was on holiday for a week but the day before I left we saw each other.

We haven't had sex but we've done other things like oral etc and we love fooling around ;)

That day we were getting down and dirty and for the first time he was focusing a lot on my breasts by kissing, licking and sucking on them. It felt AMAZING. and it turned him and me on so much.

Best goodbye ever!

Then yesterday was the first time I saw him after I came back from my hols and this time the fooling was even better!

I was the horniest I've ever been and normally im shy and submissive but last night I was confident and dominant, Which turned him on so much.

I ended up giving him the best handjob I've ever given and he's ever received which went on for an hour because he didn't want it to stop then he said it was my turn so he kissed his way down my body and gave me the best oral ever!

I honestly do not give last night justice when writing about it.

The only downfall was that there was someone home so I had to control my noises of pleasure :(

But I'm so lucky to have him :)