No Period ; Negative Pregnancy Test ! Frustrated πŸ˜”

Alexis β€’ Walk by faith & Not by sight πŸ’• 22 ; Pregnant with First Child πŸ‘ΆπŸΎ
Ok so I wanted to regulate my period because they would always come at different times during each month . My doctor prescribed me birth control and I took it for one month . And lost track because my life was so hectic at the time . Β As I was taking the birth control pills during the month of march my period started on the 15th Β . I knew it wasn't a period bleed because I had just started taking the pills and plus I wasn't on the sugar pills yet . But when I got to the sugar pills I started to bleed again !! Which was on the 30th . So I had basically had two periods in march one on my own and the other one was a pill bleed . Now fast forward to this month my period still has not came yet . It's way past the 15th and I got a negative pregnancy test 3 days ago . My boyfriend and I was sexually active A lot . Could I still be pregnant? Β The blue on the second picture means fertile days.Β