worst news for me šŸ˜­šŸ’”

Lastnight my boyfriend of 8 months has decided that we should break up. He did it in a way I couldn't believe what he was actually saying. My ex-boyfriend broke up with me through snapchat message and told me he is going to get arranged marriage to a girl his parents have approved for him. He chose that girl that he barely knows over his girlfriend to please his family. I'm in total shock and disbelief. I've been crying my heart out because I believed that he truly loved me for the past 8 months because we have been fine for the last couple of months and weeks until a couple of days ago where he hasnt been calling me or messaging me. He's been telling me that he was really busy at work that why we haven't interacted in his case. But little old me believed that he was just too busy with work. But only to find out that he was finding a way to break up with me and tell me he is going to get marriaged in a couple of weeks. I'm deeply heart broken by this break up as he was literally my first everything; my first boyfriend, first kiss, first time having sex and the list goes on for being my first. It is really hard for me to understand why he did it and made it so easy for himself. The thing that heart the most was that he said he was excited to meet my family and also create a family with me. Why would he put an image in my head thinking we had a future. Thinking that we could of been married and having kids. But no it was all ruined because he wanted to please his family and get arranged marriage instead with another girl. I'm just so hurt and so upset by this break up. Is there any advice to help me through this break up as it is my first. Here are just some of the messages he wrote to me during the break up.Ā