Bruises after oral sex

My bf came over this weekend. We are in a long distance relationship so when we do get too see each other we try to make the most of it. Anyways. So on Saturday morning he started by doing foreplay and then fingering me. It felt good but then he started to go down on me. I was excited bc it was my first time ever and I really trust him but I felt insecure that my vagina might have smelled or that he wouldn't like me bc I don't shave down there, I only trimmed and I tried to trim as much as I could. Then all of a sudden my hands go numb. They literally fell asleep and it was really bothering me. He started to kiss and bite my thighs which felt good but he was being too harsh on me. These are the bruises from now. Is this normal? We talked about it and he apologized and said I should have told him to stop. Which I tried to but I was so upset and confused that my hands were numb I couldn't even speak out loud or reach and orgasm, which is all that I wanted🙁 I hope someone can give me some answers or just your feedback.