Who here really follows the pregnancy diet do's and dont's?

As pregnant women we are absolutely bombarded with other people's ideas of what we can, and cannot eat during pregnancy.... Things like no soft cheeses, canned smoked fish, peanuts, salami, raw fish, etc. I am just curious... Who here follows the guidelines strictly and who holds an "everything in moderation" philosophy. I personally see both sides, like.. Yes certain bacterias are downright dangerous for pregnant women if picked up from a banned food... And of course we will all do WHATEVER we think is best for our child. That being said, you are not really more likely to run into a bad piece of salami just because you are pregnant. There are also studies that show that women who eat EVERYTHING in small amounts are less likely to have children with food allergies. Also, many people from different cultures eat foods that are on the American banned list every day, and yet they have healthy babies. What do yall think?

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