Tattoo opinions/advice - much appreciated!

I want to get two tattoos. But...hubby is Catholic (I want to convert eventually) and not wild about tattoos unless done in a way he thinks is tasteful. So that alone makes me cautious. Also, I'm pretty fair skinned with freckles and I sometimes worry about it tattoos would even look good on my skin. At times I think black ink would be too harsh on me but I tend to love the look of black ink tattoos mostly. I guess this thread is to ask for opinions or pictures or experiences from others who have possibly been in a similar situation. So, that being said...share away! Please and thank you! :) I'm going to attach two pictures of what I want done in case anyone can provide advice for me. Also if anyone knows estimate pricing that would be much appreciated as well! 
I'm torn between this paw print with my late dogs collar print instead of flowers, or a tiny solid black ink paw print. 
And then this with a quote between my best friend and I where the writing is.